The Jared Dunscombe Fund in conjunction with ROMAC are bringing a young boy from Timor Leste to Australia for life-saving surgery. Eight year old ‘Aze’ will travel with his father Esequel to Melbourne this Saturday to undergo a procedure called a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) closure at Monash Medical Centre.

PDA is a congenital disorder in the heart where a blood vessel fails to close off naturally after birth and severely stunts the child’s growth. With age, the PDA can lead to heart failure if left uncorrected. Aze is described by his family as a friendly child with great character and he will be able to live a long and healthy life after this procedure.

ROMAC is a humanitarian program of the 29 Rotary Districts of Australia and New Zealand. Children are brought to Australia and New Zealand because of the complex nature of many of the cases and often these children come from remote areas where treatment is not available. ROMAC relies entirely on the generosity of surgeons, the medical community and funds raised by people like YOU so thank you for all your support!

We are looking forward to meeting Aze and will keep you all posted!