The Jared Dunscombe Fund has been established in memory of Jared who was tragically killed whilst competing in a 600km charity cycling ride on 22nd February 2013, aged 31. Jared achieved so much in his 31 years, despite the harsh cards that life dealt him. He was an inspiration to so many, so the Fund is our way of keeping his story and his memory alive. Jared supported so many community groups and charities over the years through many activities, the Fund will raise money to support groups, individuals and projects that Jared would have supported had he still been here to do so.

We will focus on those things that Jared was most passionate about – predominantly children and the disadvantaged, as well as groups which Jared was closely involved in such as TRAG (Teenagers Road Accident Group).

The Jared Dunscombe Fund is a subfund of the Australian Communities Foundation and, as such, all donations received are fully tax deductible.

The first target for the Jared Dunscombe Fund is to raise $20,000 to assist with bringing a child to Australia from a developing country who requires a serious operation not accessible to them in their home country. We hope to reach this target by the end of 2014.

Our first fundraiser will be “Walk For Jared” on Saturday 22nd February.

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